Saturday, June 21, 2008

Day Two of my Blog

I sit here thinking, "I really have to blog!!" I am a writer but I usually only write when moved by the spirit, the muse or something especially interesting or moving happens to me. Writing just to write seems foreign and stilted. But here goes anyway.

It is still extremely hot in San Francisco, (in the high 80's today.) I just got back from my grandniece's dance recital. A program full of mostly girls in various stages of maturity, practice and talent. The littlest ones were adorable as they tried to keep up with each other and their teachers. One little girl, about 4 years old , either forgot or never understood, that this was a group performance as she proceeded to do her own thing. The best part was when the lights went off and she just stood on the stage when the others in her group were long gone! I was amazed by the older performers who could do things with their bodies that I never could. I will go back this evening when my other grandniece has her performance.

The time in between performances is up for grabs. Should I nap? Should I work on marketing my coaching business or should I monitor websites and make some money? This is my eternal quandary right now. My life is so full of diverse components that push and pull me this way and that. But it's never dull and for that I am grateful... usually.

I think I'll do a bit of all three. I need to figure out a way to market my weight loss coaching business. I know I am good, I just need clients to prove it. I used to work in marketing for a telecommunications company but I've never really had to market myself. I've marketed my child care business but that is much different. I am totally experienced, I have a great facility and stellar references. Starting out with weight loss coaching seems totally foreign. I have to market me... just me. But I am as passionate about this business and I was about my child care business so I will do what I need to to get it up and running. But for right now, I need to make a little money so I'll do that now and market later. As for that nap... I feel one coming on soon.

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