Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday at the Beach

Today I decided to walk on Ocean Beach in San Francisco. I used to walk 4 miles there regularly but since hurting my knee I've really not been walking that far very much. It took me about an hour and half because I walked pretty slowly due to a bit of knee pain but I pushed on.

Toward the end of my walk I saw some figures on the beach in the distance. As I approached then it turned out to be a huge display of plywood cutouts recreating a photograph taken in 1902 of Buffalo Bill and about 100 Indians on the Ocean Beach. It was simply amazing.

I said I would talk about my coaching practice. So here goes. I have been wanting to do something different in my career for a few years now. Child care has been a wonderful career but I am ready for something new. I hired a life coach to help me determine what my next step should be. During the first fifteen minutes of our phone call my coach said," I know where you're headed but I can't tell you until you come up with it yourself." So after five sessions she asked, So what to you want to do?" I told her I wanted to be a life coach and she said"Bingo! You got it!" So I became trained as a life coach. I am specializing in weight loss and wellness with side interest in parenting coaching.

Life coaching is a relatively new profession. Coaches have been used in business for several years now but the profession has grown to include life coaches with a multitude of specialties. I've met coaches who specialize in everything from women in transition to those who coach people who want to travel and live in Europe for extended periods.

Coaches help people to set goals and accomplish them. I do this through a series of individual telephone conversations or group meetings during which I ask powerful questions, give feedback and insight and provide expertise and tools they can use. I then provide accountability for accomplishing goals and acknowledge success. Coaches are like the best friends you always wished you had.

I am trying to start my practice but it is very difficult to market this kind of service because it is so new, it is hard to explain unless you experience it and it isn't a necessity in these difficult financial times. But I am trying to get speaking engagements at senior centers and other community groups. I am determined to make a success of this.

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Anonymous said...

Lynn, you are a wonderful friend, and I know you will do well in this business..You're clients will love you!!