Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hamster on a Wheel

I'm home today, trying to catching up. It seems that every time I try to do this, I just feel like I don't really get that much done. I just manage to keep up but never get ahead. I do my filing, clean my desk up a bit, and enter my business receipts in Quicken. There are always many things left undone and that I never seem to get to. There are photos and memorabilia to organize, a closet full of things to sell on eBay and 10 file drawers to clean out. I also need to get rid of hundreds of emails that I really don't need and I need to spend more time brainstorming how to get my coaching practice off the ground. But these things are left undone. And I'm not sure why. Maybe completion scares me because then I will have time, energy and no excuses to work on deeper issues in my life.

I do work many hours each week and I feel guilty just veggie out and not getting more done. I know I need to relax but it's hard for me knowing so much more needs to be done. I've tried Fly Lady and it does work but I'm not consistent enough with it. I know consistency and routines work. It worked while I was losing weight and it works to keep it off but I haven't mastered it in other areas of my life yet. I really need to take a small amount of time each day to do some organizing but it seems like it's all or nothing with me. An all day marathon of organizing or nothing seems to be my pattern. I think that writing about it will make me more responsible to get things completed. I gues I'll get started right now by putting somethin on eBay.

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Anonymous said...

You can register your website with several search engines and feeds for free to get you out on the internet. That will involve some time. If you have an HTML Button for your Life Coach Business I'll set it up on my blog and send the word out to my friends.