Sunday, January 4, 2009

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like... Blast Off

I've gained a bit of weight over the holidays..3 pounds to be exact, so I think it's time to go on Richard Simmons Blast Off Week, using the FoodMover, Richard's tool for portion control and accountability. Blast Off Week is usually the first week of the program or for when you've gone off program and need a jump start. It is 1000-1200 calories. It is a time to cleanse your system of pumpkin pie, fudge, stuffing, gravy, etc.etc.etc. It gets you going with a couple of pounds loss, hopefully, so that you'll be motivated to keep going. I've been able to do it successfully a few times and unsuccessfully many more times. I will try to eat very clean, with a minimum of processed. If I begin to gnaw on things, inedible, such as children, chair legs and computer components, I'll know it's time to stop. I need lots of fortitude, luck, prayers, carrot sticks and celery to see me through.

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Anonymous said...

you"ll do just great Lynn