Thursday, January 1, 2009

Plans and Promises

Happy New Year. I don't make resolutions every year but I have been known to take pen to paper, oh all right.. fingers to keyboard and write my plans and promises each year. To my mind they sound softer and easier to break than resolutions...

Because one of my plans and promises is to achieve a modicum of consistency in my life overall, I plan and promise to write on this blog regularly, with no two month absences. I think I can realistically commit to writing three times a week, or more if my life or the angst in it get more intense or interesting or both.

I believe this will be a year of bigger changes for me because I finally feel ready to step out of my comfort zone in some areas. I really want to make my life coaching business take flight. This is my year of "do it or dump it", as dream Coach Marcia Wieder says.

So here I go, headlong, into 2009 with plans and promises intact and a clean slate to scribble on, paint upon or erase as I see fit.

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Anonymous said...

I look forward to reading your posts.